Electrical Vehicle Installation

  Struggling with an Electrical Vehicle Installation?

You may be considering an electric vehicle but you hesitate because the equipment needed for a charging station seems complicated for your home. Don’t worry. You’re in a big group of folks wondering the same thing. The problem with electric vehicle transition is that most homes are not built for the capability, and while there are plenty of car choices the infrastructure to support them is lacking a bit. However, a charging system for an electric vehicle installation is not hard, and the entire set up can be installed in your SE Michigan home safely and correctly. Winn Electric has years of experience and certification in EV charger installation in homes. Our technicians can place an electric vehicle charge support system in your home with little trouble and ensure it is properly connected to your power grid without issue. Call Winn Electric today to find out more and get your electric car home pronto.


A Reliable Electrical Contractor is Worth Gold


Having access to a professional electrical contractor who can handle complex connection jobs and safely understands how to make changes to a power grid at the same time is invaluable. Too often less than quality work is performed by vendors who don’t really understand the systems they are hired to work on, and that can create the risk of mistakes or worse, fires and damage and even personal injury. Winn Electric prides itself on always putting quality and professionalism first in the work it provides as well as maintaining a high dedication to safety for all involved. As the world changes and moves toward more and more technology, such as EV charging stations in homes and businesses, Winn Electric is available to meet the call and provide services competently. Not only will your facility or home gain the added benefit of additional electrical capability, you’ll be able to use these resources and features without worry of equipment being damaged or risk to personal safety. Winn Electric sets the standard in what to expect from an electrical contractor service.