EV Charging Station

Getting Started with an EV Charging Station

If your SE Michigan company or business is considering the idea of setting up an EV charging station at your physical location, that’s a great idea towards sustainability and community support of electric vehicles. However, simply choosing a station package isn’t the entire picture. The system will require maintenance and ongoing support to run correctly and avoid problems with usage. That’s where Winn Electric can be your partner. Our technicians and team are professionally trained in the installation, setup, operation and maintenance of EV charging stations, and we can professionally solve the demand for a new station where you want it placed with proper installation. Don’t rely on your charging station project to be handled by a vendor who isn’t trained in EV system management. It will frequently result in mistakes that end up costing you far more down the road. Winn Electric is available to help and can easily handle multiple station installations in different locations in the same project.


An EV Charger for Your Company Promotes Smarter Transportation


As a company and employer you want to support your community, and a greener approach towards being part of that community sets a standard for your organization and your employees. An on-premises EV charger station can be a great way to encourage employees to consider alternate means of transportation that promotes sustainability and better treatment of the environment. It can also potentially provide your business additional benefits in the form of tax credits or funding support by government programs looking to promote alternative transportation in your community. Winn Electric is a longtime provider and support of EV charger installations and support. Our technicians are fully-trained on the latest equipment available as well as how to match these units to the local power grid correctly and safely. Call Winn Electric to get started in making your footprint in your community towards sustainability. Your example can very well change the way people generally think about transportation to and from work every day.