Portable Generator Installation

  Don’t Go Hands-on With Your Portable Generator Installation

For some homes and facilities, especially temporary setups for events, a portable generator option might be a great solution for a power source, especially where there is no immediately available power grid connection. However, mistakes can happen quickly when folks are working with electrical connections that they don’t have training in as well as how to balance load demands and expectations from such equipment. Winn Electric can solve the problem with our expertise and trained technicians. We regularly deal with “off the grid” scenarios as well as temporary event set ups that require significant reliance on generators. Our approach to portable generator installation is professional, safe, and top quality. You will be able to expect a proper installation without issue, and everyone involved will be kept safe from mistakes or potential electrical shock harm due to improper load demand and bad connections. Enjoy your location or event without worry and let Winn Electric take care of the challenge of installation.


Providing Reliable Support on Electrical for Commercial Projects


If your organization or business will be making modifications, needing repair, looking for maintenance support, or you’re planning a new facility construction, Winn Electric can provide professional contracting support on electrical for commercial needs. Our technicians and team work regularly with contracting teams as well as facility engineers to install correctly and competently, meeting all necessary safety and code standards expected. Project after project, Winn Electric has delivered quality service that folks can rely on for large facility demand as well as variable power needs. Whether it be a new manufacturing center, an office, a barracks or a school, Winn Electric can provide the support you need for the right set up every time. Don’t assume a low bid automatically means quality service. Oftentimes such vendors provide sub-par service that costs more later to repair. Winn Electric provides professional grade electrical up front with every job, every time.