Transfer Switch Installation

  Professional Service for a Transfer Switch Installation

You’re upgrading your facility which will create a greater load on your facility grid. That means you’re going to need a transfer switch installation to help manage your power demand with your grid’s capability and power connection. This critical component can literally shut your grid down if it fails due to a poor installation or inadequate equipment being used. So, obviously, the job needs to be done professionally and correct up front. Winn Electric has been handling transfer switch installation projects for years with multiple clients, company and facility sizes and demands. Whether it be a factory, a computer server room, or school, Winn Electric can handle the challenge and get your facility up and running with a load-balancing management that works reliably and consistently as expected. Don’t trust this key component of your facility grid to just anyone. Call Winn Electric for a professional installation in your SE Michigan facility.


Needing Help with Electrical Service Changes?


As technology moves further and further into our daily lives, it’s a common occurrence that an office or home built under earlier electrical standards is going to need service changes. Standards from decades ago simply weren’t installed with the expectation of so many electrical devices and load demand as is expected today under normal circumstances. Further, having a home or office technology-ready just makes more sense, providing the electrical connections where they are used most versus a traditional four sockets to four-wall room approach. Winn Electric has a solid portfolio of experiencing managing service change-outs for facilities and homes, rerouting new wiring and connections capable of today’s electrical demands. If your home or office is in dire need of an electric grid renovation, call Winn Electric to get the job done right the first time specific to what your modern needs are.