Whole House Generator Installation

  Considering a Whole House Generator Installation for Your Home?

If you’re looking for an alternative power source for your home to rely one, such as a whole house generator installation, then it’s worth the time to look into all your equipment options available for your home and how such a system will integrate with your existing electrical grid. Many folks like the idea of having an alternative generator option for their home but get frustrated when they find how difficult it can be to set up a connection correctly. Worse, many electrical vendors aren’t always trained properly on how to do the work right, and can make big mistakes, costing even more. When you want to go down the road of a home generator for power, Winn Electric can help. We have been installing home generators for years and are versed in all the major equipment choices available as well as with the SE Michigan power grid requirements as well. With Winn Electric you get the job done right the first time with the best results.


Solving Problems in Electrical for Residential


Electrical issues in a home can be tricky and should not be home-repaired or fixed as a do-it-yourself project for good reason. The electrical grid in a home can be very powerful and risky, and the potential for shock injury is always present whenever the line being worked on is active and live. Many homeowners have made the mistake of thinking a simple fix-it job can be handled with a trip to the local hardware store and a few changes, only to find out the hard way how painful a mistake can be. Winn Electric is available to help SE Michigan homeowners with all sorts of changes, from internal lighting systems to garage EV charging installations for their vehicles. Our technicians are all fully certified and trained to protect themselves as well as the homeowner with a professional repair or installation done correctly. Don’t take a chance with your home. Call in Winn Electric for your residential electric repairs.